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Three times a day you need a farmer, so why don't you opt to be a farmer?

Why invest in agricultural business (Agri-business)?

Most people are reluctant to invest in agriculture actually they don’t even consider it. Researches show that most people particularly youth view a person who has gone into agriculture as a failure and consider going for agriculture when they have missed other opportunities. On contrary agriculture as a business is one of fascinating opportunity to an entrepreneur and this is what you are about to find out in this article. Even those who do agriculture do not do it for business but just a party time job.

       Reassured market

With more than 7 billion still the world population is increasing  daily, taking case of Tanzania,  the census of 2012 revealed that the population of Tanzania is about forty four million (44 million) which is a significant growth from twelve million (12 million) people back in 1967, the population in 2012 is thrice the population of 1967. Even the bigger fact is this people need to eat to live. These facts can be interpreted as increasing demand for food. You can be surprised to learn that the country as blessed with good climatic condition (country near equator), with plenty of arable land still is not self sufficiency when it comes to food. For an entrepreneur this presents an opportunity and reassurance of market.

·         Low investment high return

Agricultural business is one of business in which you can invest and expects a very fast return in capital and substantial profit take case of short term plants such as 3 months maize, 3 months watermelon project, layers as broilers just in a short period of time you can invest and you return your capital. This in turn allows you to have several circulations in a year alone.
Yes this comes with increased level of risk but with increased level of technology the risk can be minimized highly.

·         Increased technology, minimized risk

Over time agriculture has evolved with technology which has lead to minimization of risks. Now you don’t need to farm depending on weather condition such as rain as matter of fact you can not only control the condition of production but you can also create the condition you need for growth of agriculture product. Think about the use of greenhouses, modern irrigation farming, soil treatment, animal and birds’ vaccination, feeds and many other technological advancement makes agriculture even more profitable and suitable.

·         Potential value addition

packed fresh tomatoes

processed tomato products 
There is potential chance of increasing the value of food (agricultural products) up to 15% of the original value simply you can add value to agricultural products, rather than selling fresh raw products as obtained in the farm, by adding value by things such as packaging, processing, storing/preserving, transporting to a different market you can actually add up to 15% value to your products

Of course those are few among many reasons as to why you should make agriculture your business, on my next article I will be exploring some opportunities in agribusiness, you won’t like missing it, agriculture is not all about going to the fields to farm there is a lot more stay tuned.
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Engineer Octavian Justine Lasway
CEO; Green Agriculture


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Even those who do agriculture do not do it for business but just a party time job.Annual Reports







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