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Hey wake up and look how people benefit from agriculture and run their life free from poverty get their needs and luxury life,
One of our farmer use sugar king F1 and other hybrid variety takes 60-65 days to harvest include 4-5 days for seed to germinate, and he cultivate thrice per year 3 acres field with Drip irrigation system facilities
plant spacing 2m x 2m with two seeds per hole and each plant bare 2-3 fruits means that he get 4-6 fruits per hole(whatever take 5 as average)
therefore  recommended spacing 2m x 2m gives 1000-1200 holes per acre

Fruits number =number of holes X fruits per hole X acres(1,000 X 5 X 3=15,000) getting 15,000 fruits per season
taking farm gate price of water melon of Tsh 500/= X number of fruits x number of acres (500 x 15,000 x 3)= Tsh 22,500,000/=
operation cost is approximately Tsh 10,000,000/=
so total profit is Tsh 12,500,000/=(average 1 million per month)  
compare it wish any employee who use 8 hours per day working slavery to his boss with this farmer who live freely spend 3 hours on the farm and get 1 million each month plus free time to do others business and cheers with his family
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  •  Soil




 Watermelons can be grown on well-drained sandy to sandy loam, medium black soils rich in organic matter. Alluvial soil along the river beds is also good for production of watermelons. A pH range of 6.0-7.0 is considered as optimum.Normally saline soil(magadi) is not suitable for water melon as the soil affect fruits and roots.For soil test and soil analysis Call me 0763347985 Eng Lasway

  • Climate

Watermelon is a warm season crop grown mainly in sub-tropical and hot-arid regions. The crop requires dry weather with abundant sunshine for quality fruit production. Watermelons are susceptible to light frost and are provided with partial protection if grown during winter months. Temperature range of 24-27° C is considered as optimum for the growth of the vines. Cool nights and warm days are ideal for accumulation of sugars in the fruits. The seed germinates best when temperatures are higher than 
20° C. High humidity at the time of vegetative growth renders the crop susceptible to various fungal diseases.

  • irrigation

Usually pits, ridges or beds are irrigated a day or two prior to planting of seeds and the next irrigation, preferably light, is given 4 or 5 days after planting of seeds. Subsequently the irrigation is given at weekly intervals(depends on the soil type).In spring-summer crop, frequency of irrigation is very important as water stress during fruit development leads to fruit cracking. Mulching of the hills after sowing reduces moisture loss at the time of emergence and prevents crust formation. It is necessary to keep the moisture well maintained at the root zone, to promote rapid taproot development. Application of water should be restricted to the base of the plant or root zone to avoid wetting of the vines or vegetative parts, especially when flowering, fruit
set and fruit development are in progress. Frequent wetting of stems, leaves and developing fruits will promote diseases and rotting of fruits. Frequency of irrigation is reduced when the fruits reach near maturity while it is completely stopped at harvesting stage. also drip irrigation can be used to irrigate water melon and gives optimum yield

  • manuring

The fertilizer doses to be applied depend on variety, fertility of soil, climate and season of planting. Generally well decomposed FYM (15-20 t/ha) is mixed with the soil during ploughing. The recommended dose of fertilizer to be applied per hectare is 100 kg N, 50 kg P2 O5 and 50 kg K2 O. Half the N and entire P & K should be applied before planting. The balance N is given 30-35 days after planting. The fertilizer is applied in a ring at 6-7 cm from the base of the stem. It is better to complete all the fertilizer applications just before the fruit set.
For increasing the percentage of female flowers, NAA (100 ppm) is sprayed once at two-leaf stage and the same is repeated after 6-7 days.Gap Filling and Thinning
Under ideal conditions, the seeds germinate within 8-10 days after sowing. One to two healthy seedlings are retained at each spot while the rest are removed or used for gap filling.

  • Weed Control

Depending upon the season about 2-3 weeding operations is required. The first weeding should be done 20-25 days after sowing while subsequent weeding are done at an interval of one month. When the vines start spreading, weeding in between the rows, or ridges, becomes unnecessary since vine growth can smother the weeds.

  • Pinching

in watermelon, apical shoots are pinched when the vines are 1m while allowing the side shoots to grow. This practice gives significantly higher fruit yield. At the initial stages of fruit setting, malformed, diseased and damaged fruits are removed and only 2-3 fruits per vine are retained. This results in increased fruit size and yield.

  • Intercropping

Watermelons can be profitably grown in the inter-spaces of newly planted orchards during the initial years provided there are sufficient irrigation facilities.

  • Varieties

Mostly available varieties in the market are
SUGAR BABY F1 ,HYBRID -ZEBRA, SUKARI F1, MSHINDI, JULIANA etc. This will be covered in the coming article we will describe each variety precisely so as accordingly to your needs and place you can find a suitable variety to grow in your locality

 more over water melon have great essential to our health as it reach in minerals and vitamin to strengthen up our body


Timing planting is very important in this business so as to secure your market depends on the force of supply and demand also sometimes weather influence much the consumption of water melon as during rain season people do not prefer much eating water melon contrary the demand rises in summer
also you can plant early before rain season so as you will harvest at the mid of the season in which most cultivars rain fed crop are in the field antagonistically planting at the late rain season so as while your crops are in the field the rain fed cultivars product is on hit and you will harvest early during high demand season 
nevertheless marketing depends on your customers need and the force of supply and demand at any time in agriculture marketing as the most product include water melon are perishable 

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